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  • by Cyborg, May 6, 2008 at 4:34 PM
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    I was planning on doing a review of Audiosurf when it hit me that the past year has been a great time for gamers. Everything from the Orange Box to Bioshock and CoD4 the level of games for the PC has only been getting better. Think back a few years ago - what were the killer games. BF2... Oblivion... what else...

    I really think most of it started off with BioShock. Great story, excellent graphics, and fun game play. IMO that was still the best game of 2007. Then take Orange Box from Valve. For the price nothing beats it if you don't already own the earlier versions of HL2. Throw in Portal (my 2nd fav. game of 2007) and Team Fortress 2 and it probably the best gaming packaged released for the PC to date. CoD4 is a much welcomed improvement over 3 which IMO was too much of the same out of the franchise. Even Crysis, granted the game went to crap after you enter the enemy ship, set new standards for visuals that we still don't have the hardware to run at full settings. UT3 while itself being rather lack luster and more of the same old stuff you expect from UT gave us an engine that pushed the boundaries with many pc games. Too bad EA didn't exploit the engine more with Airborne. Assassin's Creed, even though it's a pc port, feels very much like the successor to Oblivion and has wonderful visuals if you have the pc to run it. Coming soon we have BF Heroes which looks like it's going to rock and FarCry 2 which looks to be better than Crysis as far as game play is concerned. So it looks like the stream of great games is going to keep rolling on.

    But let me take a few minutes to talk about Audiosurf. I had no intentions of buying this game. It seemed like a gimmick and rather boring when I watched trailers and clips on youtube. But the past 2 day's I've been off work and having my fill of my current games decided to give it a shot since it's only $10 (well $9.99 but who's counting). Being the hard core gamer I am, I started off with a nice 'slow' song - Metallica Blitzkrieg. Bad idea for the first run through.... this game isn't easy. More than the challenge of actually playing the game, the ability to use your own music collection makes it comfortable to play. Let me explain that a bit. I've played other games before - such as Guitar Hero - where you have to use the preset music and spend weeks trying to master each song to get to the next big one. Even if you don't like the song, you need to win it or at least attempt it to get achievements and so on. But what if you can't stand that song? In Audiosurf that is history. Yes there are preloaded songs and a 'FM' station that you can get music from, but the real gold is playing the songs you like. If I'm in a casual mood I can throw on some slower music or if I want some action in comes the hard rock. Now don't get me wrong, the speed of the music doesn't really make the game harder. Even the slow songs are difficult due the the placement of the tiles in the track. IMO the hardest songs are ones that change tempo constantly through out the song. I'm not going to throw out a full review since I haven't played all the different game types yet, but I will say I've played enough to highly suggest this game to anyone who likes music. And at $10 you will get your money's worth out of it!
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  1. @(...:.:...)@
    If you want a challenge on Audiosurf, try (Ninja Mono) Stealthing a track from the MegaMan 2 soundtrack. > 400 congestion. ;)
  2. Cyborg
    GRRRR I can't get the spot light achievment. I can't find a song yet that I can get gold before the end...

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