Creating collision for a Static Mesh

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    I would like to add some findings to the tutorial "Creating collision for a Static Mesh" that came with the Spearhead LDK (SDK)!

    I followed the tutorial the whole way but I couldn't get it to work, this is what I did to make it work.

    1) Follow the tutorial step 1-5 but make sure you put the model over the coords 0,0,0 when you start making your collision mask and turn all your clip brushes into detail brushes, the tutorial didn't mention this but when I did it like this it finaly worked.

    2) Alternative way to save the collision map!

    Don't do as EA says, don't delete the actual model. If you keep the model you can use the menu file-save static model, if you use this option it will save the collision map file directly in the same folder as the models tik file.

    Note: to make this work the models must be in the "static" folder of mohradiant (the quaked statment in the tik must start with static_), after that you can create any subfolders you want.

    (Note: if you have a custom mod folder set in the project settings for mohradiant it will try and save the file to custom\models\......., if you leave it empty or set it to main it saves it correctly main\models\.......)
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    well i done some research and i found these pictures to create a static Mesh here it is.


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