GTA IV plagued with bugs

  • by neillomax, Apr 29, 2008 at 8:05 PM
  • neillomax Captain

    <img src="" alt="gta iv full of bugs" align="right" hspace="4" />Maybe EA already owns Grand Theft Auto IV and we just never knew it? Strange how such a large game title was released with such prominent bugs.


  1. Kachu
    FUD, Its happening to 360s as well
  2. Kachu
  3. Bobson
    Mine installed and seems to be playing fine, thank GOD... :)
  4. Sudano
    I haven't seen one bug for ps3 yet.
  5. Trent Gillespie
    What version of the PS3 do you have?
  6. Kachu
    One of my neighbors 60 gig ran it just fine. My other neighbors 360 just RRODed, no GTA for him.

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