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    Most of you probably dont know/remember me, but I've used to be on here and mod the good old MOHAA back in the day (more than a decade ago); TWE-Ryan.

    Over the years I have been pursuing my dreams of being a video game designer, and have worked on multpile game titles. Modding does bear its' fruit so stick with it guys.

    I've had bit of quarrel with the management resulting in my departure from the company and an attempt at forming of my own.

    Cutting to the chase, a group of developers (art director, animator, programmer) we are stating a game project - possibly using crytek engine eventhough we have our own engine build. Nothing is yet final, but we are striving towards an FPS set in a retro 80s future, in space. Think of it as an an fps dark souls set in space, retro art direction, and 80s electronic music. Expanding on that a little we are going with a concept of micro management of your player team, your space craft, and your mother station.

    You play with a group of players on a space aircraft scanning/searching for asteroids to be captured and pulled into your mother station for mining/processing. A two staged phase that puts your team under potential invasion by other teams that can invade your server with. If invaded the both teams either fight it out in a space craft vs space craft scenario or if the invasion happens during the asteroid pulling process the invading team will have to disembark on the pulling platform, turning into a corridor fps shooter. The winner gets the asteroid and whatever loot scavenged from the losing spacecraft.

    Players can also choose to follow the storyline and perform a series of quests and side quests to better their spacecraft and expand their knowledge on the game's universe.

    The original plan was to go with 50s future

    Resulting in a sort of space abomination when more modern features were added:


    I really have nothing more of interest to show, we are looking for 3d artists. Experiecned or not as I feel everyone should get a chance.

    If anyone is interested in helping out, post in here or PM me.

    Comments, ideas, critizism, rants - all is welcomed!

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