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  • by Herr_Kruger, Dec 21, 2009 at 3:42 PM
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    After some discussions with some members of the community, and after making some progress in certain aspects of the game wich we have been developing lately, specially by our collegue angus_young , we have decided to proceed on our panacea to fix MOH in any possible way.

    For that reason, and considering the posibility of patching MOH:AA , some time in the near future ( better later than never) once again, and after some promising advance, we would like to ask for all those people interested in the project, to post in this thread, and if you have any further question please dont hesitate to ask or pm me, or angus_young. If you have good programming skills, this is your time.


    Latest Binary Release (Updated Regularly)


    • Anti Wallhack\Chams
    • Anti STWH (Shoot Through Wall Hack)
    • Anti No Recoil
    • Fixes against several crashes
    There are several more features in mind, but we want to make sure everything is stable. Please test the ones below and let us know.

    Linux version:

    Windows Version:

    Windows Beta version:
    Windows Beta version2(Updated Anti Wallhack Code):
    Windows Beta version3(Updated Anti Wallhack Code with ping prediction):
    Windows Version 10 Release:

    Windows Version RC1:

    - STWH Fix
    - No Recoil Fix
    - Anti Wallhack\chams\radar\visual cheats
    - Crash Fixes
    - Added Cvar's
    - spectators can see players
    - ghost players shouldn't show up on FreezeTag
    - players IP should be shown on crash attempt
    - additional check in BulletAttack for pointer
    - antiWH with antiSoundhack included should work faster now (as it was earlier w/o antiSoundhack) because I moved some code and optimized it.

     				 				 				[B] 					Installation 				[/B]
     				   						 							  							  						 						 							 						 				 					 						[INDENT] 							[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkOrange]INSTALLATION:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [B][U]Installation for Windows:
    1. Rename your original gamex86.dll to gamex86mohaa.dll
    2. Paste our gamex86.dll to \main\
    3. Paste all the .cfg and .ini files to \main\
    4. Run the server
    [B][U]Installation for Unix / Linux:
    1. Rename your original to
    2. Paste our to mohaa folder
    3. Paste and mohaa_lnxded to mohaa folder (you can skip this if you are sure you are running newest release from Icculus)
    4. Paste all the .cfg and .ini files to mohaa folder
    5. Run the server
    (Please Note: It is important that you keep the original files and just rename them:
    for windows: gamex86.dll ---> gamex86mohaa.dll
    for linux: --->
    else the server will not work)
    MOHAA 1.12 Documentiation
    [/B][/COLOR] [/INDENT]

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  1. angus young
    I would like to add that. I have spoken to sor & giffe. Both users are knowledgeable in MOHAA and can contribute a great deal to the project. I'm hoping we can get a few more people in on this. I have spoken to a few members individually via PM.

    I know we all want to see MOHAA "playable", but the probability of EA doing anything to help is none to none. We already saw how their progress in the upcoming MOH title will be. Anywho enough slaughter for EA, the point is, I put in alot of time, patience and work into getting the gamex wrapper that I currently have. It's probably the most complete & most stable wrapper we have to work with currently and I think there is ALOT of potential to make something out of it.

    I will keep my wrapper up to date when I add something.
    Currently (right before posting this), I would like to add I just finished integrating my detection against STWH.

    I have tested it pretty thoroughly and I am happy to say I haven't come across 1 false positive, but every version of STWH I have tested against IS triggered & will kick the cheater.

    This is a big step in the right direction and the first public fix against this type of cheat. It's serverside so it can't be bypassed. As I progress with the wrapper I will add more detection fixes as well as more preventative features, but now we need your help.
  2. LilChefDeath
    I'm glad to see this is being done. Thanks to everyone who is and who might help with the project. I hope to see great success and i do believe it will be done. :D!
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  3. vfn4i83
    If you guys think in make the game call for Bump and Pharalax, I can make the shaders.

    And just asking, how hard it is to port OGL from MoH to OGL3, and enable Tessalation ?
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  4. angus young
    That may require more work than necessary. Quite honestly I'm fine with MOHAA's rendering functionality. I think the graphics are fine for the game considering its age. Not to mention if you play it with high quality, the details are pretty good and the frame rate is also good.

    Reworking the OGL infrastructure would require just an unnecessary amount of work.
    Personally my goal is to just make MOHAA less glitchy & less vulnerable to cheats. As far as optimization is concerned that can come after everything else is put into place. Aside from fixes I would also like to implement the unfinished sv_allowdownload\sv_pure functionality.

    vfn, if you're fluent in programming in c, and would like to help us out, you're more than welcome to, I just think that going out of the way to make a 7+ year old game look better is somewhat pointless when there are other more important things to focus on in terms of game play.

    I do respect your opinion, but for now, I think we will hold off on that, unless offcourse as I mentioned above, if you have the c knowledge you can by all means try to implement it into this.

    The code will be open source & released publicly on here once everything is done & I plan on doing small updates along the way.
  5. STORM
    wil this be only AA our wil SH and BT also in???

    when you need guy's to model,,you know were to find us
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  6. Sor
    I don't know how I can be of service when all the action seems to be at the C-programming level, so to speak. All I know is advanced coding in MoHAA's scripting language.

    Then again, once the original goal is completed, as you said, James: the glitches, cheats... I'd like to see some fixes and additions in the scripting language. Especially the ability for the scripting language to retrieve information of a client in terms of buttons pressed, name, IP, kills, deaths... plus the "individual huddraw" function like one sees a lot in games such as Counter-Strike and which is now done ineptly by globalwidgets. I think these additions would reliven the interest in modding this game. As well as widen the modding possibilities which are, for an old game, quite impressive.
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  7. angus young
    Sor I need you for the advanced scripting :p

    Despite the fact that I want to do as much within the wrapper as I could, I know realistically I probably won't be able to.

    Storm, I think AA needs more attention than sh or bt, but if all goes well I think it can easily be ported to either version.
  8. Herr Klugscheisser
    More people playing AA so it's the logical choice. Great work as always and much appreciated. I especially feel this way since the next MoH may be another stinker ... perhaps we can win some people back if they know most of the commonly known cheats will no longer work. Regardless, good job!
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  9. .:|DaN|:.
    Just an idea that sparked, perhaps extending scripting functionality would be good? Or adding a new scripting language all together such as LUA?
  10. vuurvent
    Hmm, im not a programmer i just only can script a bit.
    Ask Daven? He knows the whole game engine out of his mind, He is awesome.

    Ye but SH is better :p and also needs a patch, why nobody thinks about SH :(
  11. Herr Klugscheisser
    Because more people play AA (fact) ... I prefer BT, but why waste time/effort when so few play it?
  12. vuurvent
    lots of still play. And its graphical/sound better.
    Its a fact that AA gets more played. But i think AA is boring. But BT is dead, there arent any servers that running bt maps where poeple play bt maps.
    SH is in my opinion best.
  13. Herr_Kruger
    All ideas are welcome, and as Dan said, there are more posibilities ;)
  14. angus young
    We're def open to ideas, and funny you mentioned that Dan, because when Sor & I were pming each other that's one thing he mentioned to me along with giffe. The idea is good, I'm just not sure how to implement it. We'll see what we can do and we're still looking for people that can help out in any way.

    Thanks everyone for the support with this. The more motivation we have the better.
  15. Herr Klugscheisser
    Lies (or generalization, you decide) ....

    Question: Is there anyway to "modify" the AA engine where it will use more than 64 meg of video ram or is that simply a limitation in the engine (which is beyond my understanding)? Would there even be any real benefit if you could us more?
  16. .:|DaN|:.
    Well when it comes down to it, it's just a case of diss-assembling the Exe to hook into that server functionality, IE. sending and receiving packets.

    After that's done you can think about hooking other stuff such as writing text etc. Since we can already do this in MoH:AA script and it's always serverside there's obviously some packets that are sent to the client to provide for example a struct containing parameters that are used for writing text etc.

    You just need to find out the specifics.
  17. Sor
    I noticed this when I checked out my Xmas Tree script exactly 1 year after I finished it. It is my longest and mathmatical hardest script to date. It took me awhile to see what I was doing there, and how I was doing it.
    So basically you must accept a horrible truth: all codes are easy. It's just hard for an outsider to behold and follow the marvellous train of thought the original coder(s) had. Thus it is hard understanding what they are doing there and how they are doing that. Because a script, fully functional, can be made in a totally different way/method and still work as splendidly as the original.

    In my case, I was the one who made it, so it had been easier for me to understand my own train of thought. But I guess when you've spent enough of time working in the wrapper, all the pieces will start coming together. I know you'll find a way, James, but I wish I was familiar in C so I could do more than make these posts.
  18. rudedog
    Good luck guys - this sounds great!

    It's not much but I can help spread the word.
  19. Pendragon
    It would be great if the game would install and run whatever version of Windows you are using. There are several things you have to do to make it run on a modern system. fiddling with CPU affinity and settings to make it run on modern G/Cards. Patching has always been tricky, so a roll-up patch that takes the existing patches would be a good start. Here is an idea, how about tackling the problem form the other end. Instead of a patch, how about an installer? A program that takes the stuff from the disks and combines it with the information in the installer.

    I would hate to see changes in the way the game looks or plays. If you went down that road, well you would be making a new game and that would be a different project.

    Just getting the game to play happily on a modern PC would be a worthy project.

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