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  1. psykotic chiken Private

    hurry and release that plug!
  2. scorpio Midget Private

    Ok i will :)

    As i've had to rush, part of it is still hard coded !!!

    1. Download the 2 files, stick them in your milk folder.
    2. Create a folder c:\games\mohaa

    Run milk.
    load a model
    MOH SKL ...

    follow prompts.

    exported files will be in the folders created under c:\games\mohaa, this includes textures, shader, tik, skd and skc files.

    If your exporting a model with animations, make sure that every keyframe is set. If it gives a warning, then just goto frame 1, set the frame, frame 2 set the frame etc all the way through the number of frames you have.

    Once the model is exported, the standard tik and shader, will let u view it in Radiant, or spawn them into a map.
    Of course you can alter the tik to your own liking (but remember if you re-export it will overwite the tik ;) ).

    Anyway, it's only a beta, have fun and let me know your thoughts.

    Heres the 2 files:

    MOH Plugin
  3. scorpio Midget Private

    While your beta testing, i'm working on a new version with a dialog box.
    This will allow you to choose options like:

    Specify Mohaa folder
    Export SKL Only
    Compile SKC
    Compile SKD
    Export Basic TIK
    Export Basic SHADER, and copy texture files
    Choose Mohaa or Mohsh format
    Enable Looping animations.
  4. Flipsen Gunnery Sergeant

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    you told me milkshape wasn't able to support mohaa models because it doesn't support mulit-bone weights? [​IMG]
  5. psykotic chiken Private

    this isnt for weapons its for static modeles.....(i think)is it scorp?
  6. scorpio Midget Private

    It's for all models, statics, weapons etc.
  7. scorpio Midget Private

    Yep, it cant import some of them coz it cant support the bone weights, so i stop developing the plugin.

    I moved to lr3d coz it's far more powerful, and it's still the only plugin that will let you export and import :)

    This plugin for Milk3d only allows you to export, but you can export statics, weapons etc.

    Of course if your doing ai or dogs etc, you loose the ability to have multi weights per vertex ... not a big problem, but some of the animations wont be as good as they could be.
  8. John Doehead Private

    Ok, my question is how do I export to .skl in 3dsm? I"m using 3dsm6 and no file type of .skl is listed.
  9. Cobra {sfx} Corporal

    We used the skl to skx to convert models from sh and bt to aa, then used milkshape to get em in game - but - once in game they fly sideways instead of forwards - anyone know what we can do in milk to correct this ?

  10. gorilla-qasma Private

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  11. Cobra {sfx} Corporal

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  12. fubar515034 Private

    The plug from the SDK skelout.dle doesnt work with 3dsmax6

    I have the demo 3dsmax5. The plug from the SDK for max4 works in 5

    Use 3dsmax4 if you dont have XP, 5 if you do. At any rate the plug for max4 skelout.dle works in max5, ive tried it. It loads.

    Now heres what i tried in Milkshape to test your skl_2_skX.exe guide. Just as a test I wasnt trying to rip off the model, just a test running this compiler.

    Ok. What I did was import a us_helmet.skd and added my texture to it, then selected the group
    then went to joints. Hit bipo1head hit assign.. then hit animate, went to animate menu and hit
    add key frame, hit the animate button again. Then exported it as a skl. Moved all my files to
    the tools directory where my skl_2_skX.exe is.

    Then added this to the run Menu.

    c:/tools/skl_2_skX.exe fubar5150s_helmet -basepath -mohaa Which gave no errors.

    This one ran ok so it seems, it made the file, and didnt give me a nasty message.

    Here is where my problem lies

    c:/tools/skl_2_skX.exe fubar5150s_helmet -mohaa

    after I hit return, it kicked out the SDK error1-3

    When i hit retry it closed, abort, closed (of course) ignore, then it gave the errors in order from SDK error pic 1-3. It did make a file. But it doesnt work.
    What causes this. And does it has to do with skl_2_skX.exe or is it in my model?

    If anyone has seen this before, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And why does it say Z:/mohpc/codebase....

    Is this just my setup or is it on everyones? Cause I dont have a Z drive.
    Is this just a temp drive directory for skl_2_skX.exe?
  13. Gangster47 Private

    from where can I download the file ?
    the link that here isnt work :(
    some1 can send me the file ?

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