The Perfect Blend of Role-playing and Action Gaming – Anthem

In the list of upcoming video games, Anthem game is the most anticipated because this online action multiplayer role-playing game is developed by the famous Bioware. The date for the release of this game is said to be 22nd February 2019 and people having PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platform will be able to install the game and play. Here the players will be assuming the role of the freelancer which is a type of group who have left their civilization for exploring their surrounding landscape.

Anthem crew


The game of Anthem will be combining a shooting game of third person perspective and it has the role-playing ingredient in it. There will be suits in this Continue reading

PS3 Mobi Emulator Will Run Any Game on Android and iOS Smartphones

You will not come across a single person who is not familiar with PlayStation. Whether a gamer or not, everyone at least heard once in their life about it. Well, such is the popularity of PlayStation. It is one of the most popular gaming console available out there. It’is a registered & copyrighted gaming brand by Sony. One of the most popular versions of PlayStation is the PS3 console. PS3 has an endless list of games to offers to their players. With more than hundreds of interesting games to play, it is needless to say why it was one of the most popular versions of PlayStation. Sadly, the games available on PS3 can only be played by gamers who owns this console. Their games are not compatible with PC or smartphones. This restricted the players from trying out the PS3 games. To break all the rules and barriers, a group of developers thought of designing an application called PS3 Mobi (Homepage). It happens to be a PS3 emulator with the help of which you can play PS3 games on your PC and smartphones. SonicAnime blog already did a deep review about this software which you can read on their website’s post. And today we have decided to do the same to reveal you some other secrets which will help you to maximize your satisfaction of playing with this awesome app.

PS3 Emulator Android

What is PS3 Mobi?

PS3 Mobi was developed so that players can try the amazing PS3 games on their PC and smartphones. It is basically a PlayStation 3 emulator software which was created a group of coders who are Continue reading

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

Let’s face facts: there is not a single Mario game that is bad out there. A player usually gets pretty mad when they get to see these re-releases that act up as “Ultimate Editions” of the original game after the owner of the IP has made a profit of the original game. Double dipping is the norm in modern gaming, but sometimes it certainly works out for the best. Such is the case of New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. This special adaption for the Nintendo Switch includes all the content released in New Super Luigi U: the shorter levels and the light speed-running. The game also has a lot of new features that make the game feel more like something new instead of a re-hash.

Super Mario U Deluxe

The Game Play

As it happened in the last release, the gameplay for both characters is pretty different with Mario being the most balanced character you can choose (and also the safest) and Luigi being his usually Continue reading

Top 3 Motherboards of 2019

Discussing Motherboards is not as exciting as talking about processors or graphics cards, but they are without question an essential part of any PC builds. They are for lack of a better term the backbone of the best computers anywhere. A good motherboard can help any hardware on your PC reach the full potential of it I terms of usage and optimization. Their main task, after all, is to administer all the functions of every piece of your computer that needs the energy to function correctly.

Best Motherboards 2019

The task of hunting down a motherboard, however, can be quite challenging, and if you’ve scrolled a few websites, already you already know just how confusing it can get to pick one. That’s why we are creating this Continue reading