About Us

Welcome to the Modding Theater!

You are here because you probably are in the same page as us: you love video games, you love everything about them, but above all: you love the potential they have to become something more than the main offering of established players. You are not the first though, but we are glad you managed to make your way here. At the Modding Theater, we love video games. We like to spend hours of our lives playing them. We strive to become the best players in our choice of games. But after the thrill of finishing multiple campaigns, we start to wonder what else can these products offer. You can say that mods are our bread and butter and that’s a lot of what you can find with us.

From side stories and funny anecdotes, we treat video games as the malleable products they are. The lines of codes are there for our amusement, but we make are willing to twist and bend them to get more joy out our games. Even if you don’t know how to do it, you are invited to stick around. You might get a treat out of the things we find as we search the web for the most outrageous mods ever conceived and the lines of codes required to make it happen on your end. Do you get the whole picture with us? Sometimes you will, other times we will just bring awareness to what is out there so you can hunt it down on your own. We hope you enjoy the experience!