The Perfect Blend of Role-playing and Action Gaming – Anthem

In the list of upcoming video games, Anthem game is the most anticipated because this online action multiplayer role-playing game is developed by the famous Bioware. The date for the release of this game is said to be 22nd February 2019 and people having PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platform will be able to install the game and play. Here the players will be assuming the role of the freelancer which is a type of group who have left their civilization for exploring their surrounding landscape.

Anthem crew


The game of Anthem will be combining a shooting game of third person perspective and it has the role-playing ingredient in it. There will be suits in this game which one can customize for having different types of superhuman abilities and unique weapons. In this game, you will come across javelins. Among them, the Rangers will be a balanced javelin and an all-rounder. Colossus is also there who will be heavily armored and will be large in size and they will be having the role of tanking.

Players are getting the liberty of building a relationship with many non-playable characters but they won’t participate in any sort of romantic relationship. Fort Tarsis is the central stronghold of this game. You can play this game in both cooperative multiplayer and single player mode in a world that is shared and you can easily team up yourself with four members in it. A team can together fight against the savage beast along with ruthless marauders when they are exploring the lost ruins and encountering the massive and world-altering occurrences of terrains which are called as Shaper Storms.


  • In a free type of group activity, everything will be having built-in matchmaking. One will not have to worry regarding the squad even when it comes to grouping for tough experiences.
  • All the players will be able to access future missions for free.
  • At the launch, there will be no PVP.
  • One can make the microtransactions only for the cosmetic gear.
  • You will need a stable internet connection for playing the game in single or multiplayer mode with four members in each team.


  • Anthem shotgun: If the combat is getting very personal and close then you can easily utilize the shotgun for delivering your final blow.
  • Anthem auto cannons: For ensuring maximum carnage you will have to use the exclusively wielded Anthem auto cannons.
  • Grenade launchers: The entire Colossus will be having the grenade launchers as a part of their heavy duty weapons.
  • Sniper rifles: If you are taking a lot of time for lining up of the shots then it can foster your rewards and that is why you should opt for the sniper rifles because it can deliver hard-hitting and clean kill and you can also distance yourself from the site of action.

Why it is the best?

Since this game is going to be released into the market in a few days so there is a lot of things that still need to be confirmed and explored. This game is very vast because it features a lot of weapons and every story will be having uniqueness with powerful characters.

This game is specifically for the people who love slaying creatures who are threatening humanity and wants to indulge themselves in a game that is completely weaponized.