Top 3 Motherboards of 2019

Discussing Motherboards is not as exciting as talking about processors or graphics cards, but they are without question an essential part of any PC builds. They are for lack of a better term the backbone of the best computers anywhere. A good motherboard can help any hardware on your PC reach the full potential of it I terms of usage and optimization. Their main task, after all, is to administer all the functions of every piece of your computer that needs the energy to function correctly.

Best Motherboards 2019

The task of hunting down a motherboard, however, can be quite challenging, and if you’ve scrolled a few websites, already you already know just how confusing it can get to pick one. That’s why we are creating this particular list with some of the best motherboards found in the market today. Bear in mind that all these options have been released in 2018 and are best suited for Intel processors with diverse price ranges. The only trait they all have in common is that they are built to last.

1st Option: Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi

Made by ATX, this motherboard features an LGA-1151 socket that only takes 8th and 9th-generation processors only. The chipset is an Intel Z390, and it has memory support for four DIMM sockets that can hold up 64GB. It also has Multi-GPU support. You can use it with a Nvidia 2 or with a 4-way GPU SLI, an AMD 2-, or a 4-way CrossFire. This MB also features 2 x PCIe M.2 (Key M), and a reinforced PCIe. This particular MB is regarded as one of the best products created to handle all tasks related to professional gaming. The reinforced PCIe slots, and the RGB lighting to make everything flashy and good looking in your case. Without further discussion, this is one of the best Intel motherboards on the market right now.

2nd Option: Gigabyte Z390 UD

Also built by ATX and featuring an LGA-1151 socket that only handles 8th and 9th-generation processors only. This motherboard has an Intel Z390 chipset and has room for four DIMM sockets that can hold up to 64GB. The MB also has Multi-GPU support since it can work with AMD 4-way CrossFire. It also features 1 x PCIe M.2 (Key M), and software-controlled case fans, that can run up to 4,000MHz of memory. The MB has almost all the features of the previous option but is more evenly priced. It’s true that it doesn’t have the same level of RGB bells and colors, as well as the built-in Wi-Fi, but what it does have is an excellent price to performance ratio. It works for gamers but also for high-performance household computers.

3rd Option: Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming

The team of Mini-ITX created this one. It has an LGA-1151 socket that handles 8th and 9th-generation chips only. This one also has an Intel Z390 chipset, but it comes with two x DIMM sockets that can hold up 64GB of memory RAM. Since this one is more of budget products it doesn’t have Multi-GPU support, but it still features 2 x PCIe M.2 (Key M), and it has double capacity memory, as well as USB 3.1 Gen-2 front connectors. It’s the ideal motherboard for the budget gamer that doesn’t compromise power or features. The only issue you might encounter with this particular MB is the need of an expensive processor.